Sales & After Sales Services Network

Sale & After Sales Services Network

 Iran Khodro Sales & After sales Services Network of dealers is the Longest In life & most distributed network of service in the automobiles industry of IRAN. This network has been a reliable support for big family of Iran khodro products along past years and could provide his customer satisfaction. The characteristics of this network are as below:


  • Vast area & proper distribution for servicing across all the country with more than 750 dealers & service centers and 9000 work stations beside enough intelligence for development based on environmental factors.
  • Standard & unified network structure & ability to present suitable services to customers.
  • New brands car services relevant to sale distribution across all the country.
  • Higher supervision over the network and continuous monitoring of servicing status & customers satisfaction.
  • Owning of executive arms which is called "Regional Offices" in order to approach to end customers and transferring & applying their opinions.
  • Flexibility of network in service structure, regarding to latest technological changes in produced cars.




  • Network readiness for lunching new brands car services.
  • CNG services in more than 160 dealers across country.
  • Engaging educated and experienced human resources in key posts of total dealers such as: technical expert, reception expert, workshop manager, sales & marketing expert, etc.
  • Equipped network and ability to support modern technological cars.