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ISACO - An insight to IKCO after-sales service company

ISACO - An insight to IKCO after-sales service company

Enjoying half-a-century background and some 2,000 dealers & authorized stores nationwide, ISACO is among Middle East's biggest after-sales service companies. According to official assessments made by Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade through Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co., ISACO has been awarded as the best after-sales service firm amongst national rivals from 2009 to 2022.

In 2022, ISACO succeeded to be known as Iran's "Number One" service provider for car industry and rewarded with three whole stars for the first time in Iran car industry according to official evaluations. The Company recorded notable growth in all assessment factors of Version IV 'National After-sales Service Assessment Guideline'.

IKCO's Extensive Service Network

ISACO network includes authorized dealers (offering services and selling spare parts) and authorized stores (selling spare parts), which have provided IKCO customers with access to standard, high-quality parts and services according to population of each region all over the country. For this purpose, ISACO has 11 regional offices across the country in addition to its headquarters in Tehran. The regional offices activities include operations development, network supervision and promotion, trade affairs, spare parts provision, and customer affairs management throughout the region. The export department is responsible for planning and developing business and service network within the export zone.

Standard Services

Standard Services

The purpose of ISACO sales and service network is to provide customers with favorable services and to secure their satisfaction. Customer–orientation and network promotion - both quantitatively and qualitatively - are among ISACO services priorities.

Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Company (ISQI) has set strict criteria for car industry after-sales service, meaning that ISACO is beyond mentioned standards.

Technical and Engineering

Technical and Engineering

ISACO supports its service and trade operations relying on its technical and engineering staff expertise as well as new approaches to both general and specialized processes in order to assure parts quality and offer standard services.

Production and release of car service engineering basic information, parts quality assurance, repair tools & equipment supply, car services, supplying technical and repair documents, technical training, etc. are among most important tasks of Technical and Engineering Department .

Remote technical support and advice in addition to diagnostic tools to troubleshoot all vehicles types in the network are other ISACO capabilities with the aim of customer satisfaction. Benefiting from equipment and facilities provided in technical and engineering center including online system advice based on faults database, connecting to vehicle control units and monitoring function values as well as related problems, and telephone calls, technical experts across the network can send technical advice request to Technical and Engineering Dept. and receive troubleshooting guidelines as well as diagnostic tools.

Vehicle engineers in ISACO design and build special tools needed for car repair according to IKCO standards, train staff to become proficient in working with special tools and repair shop equipment maintenance systems as well as calibration systems, and present advice on repair shop equipment selecting and purchasing.

The export department is responsible for support and supper vision of above cases

Training Network Staff

Training Network Staff

Training and upgrading service personnel's know-how and skills are of significant importance for continuous service quality improvement and customer satisfaction by IKCO products service.

The most important part of training courses is that of various levels of key personnel in authorized service points on electrical, mechanical, diagnostic, and business marketing and management. These courses are organized in ISACO Technical Training Center as the largest and most equipped one in the Middle East approved by Renault and Peugeot companies in three different ways of attended, on-the-job (OJT), and online.

Export operations

Export operations

As the owner of parts supply and service support processes abroad, ISACO Export Department manages the Company's overseas dealerships according to IKCO's vision. The Department was established in 2006; it manages over 30 main dealers in 20 countries supplying parts and providing services to global customers.














These standards are to be seen as operational goals. They are ways to do business that will help maximize customer satisfaction, improve efficiency and increase dealership profitability.

The “OISNS (OVERSEAS IKCO SERVICE NETWORK STANDARDS)” Incorporates various elements, in order to explain the latest examples of facility planning. This manual focuses on the action needed to expand after-sales dealerships in the overseas distributors, and provides new guidelines for the after-sales sections of facilities.

  • Creating a suitable space for direct communication with our customers.

  • Introducing the IKCO brand to customers and supporting it.

  • Supporting and honoring customers in all cases of providing them with after-sales services.

Each representative, as a trusted member of the IKCO family, by implementing this standards, transmits or expresses the same image of the IKCO brand, which can have a strong impact on our customers.

ISACO is a provider of after sales services for all IKCO products and its subsidiaries. We specialize in the procurement, distribution, purchase, and sale of parts and spare parts for all types of cars.
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